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By fixing the hardest problems, we can improve the lives of millions of citizens, in countless ways. Getting around will be quicker, greener, and safer.

Taming the problem

Even the very best self-driving software creates a probabilistic prediction of the world around it. In other words, the software is imprecise and prone to error.

Finding and fixing the root cause of the errors that lead to unsafe behaviours across the stack and objectively measuring safety performance is the fundamental challenge of our industry, determining how soon citizens can benefit from the technology. 

Taming the problem means building models that abstract salient, real-world variables into representative ones. Then, to explore those models in combination by testing and objectively measuring how safe the system is in simulation.


Pioneering quick progress at reduced cost

Five has developed a <new approach>[link to blog no.4 when ready] to building representative models. We enable massive-scale, highly accurate, ‘full stack’ coverage-based simulation testing, which means we can accelerate the deployment of safe self-driving software at massively lower cost.



<Read more about our approach> [link to blog no. 4 when ready]


Our capabilities

We’ve built and tested Europe’s most advanced level 4 stack on London’s public roads and informed its development with ground breaking tools inspired by our expertise in silicon chips & wireless technology. 

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We have the talent we need to take the lead in Europe and build the region’s first major tech business.



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